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Implementation of the seminars and trainings on planning

and organizing a social service activities

These trainings started in order to increase the professional level of the church-related organizations, which provide a projects of the social service, in order to approve the quality of the project activity. The assistance and immediate partake by the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (School of the social work department) and financial support of the Eastern European office of the World Council of Churches:

  1. February 1-3, Kyiv.
  2. March 14-16, 2002, Kyiv.
  3. June 19-21, 2002 Kyiv.
  4. November 29 December 2, 2002 Kyiv.
  5. September 22 25, 2003 Kyiv.

The trainings have fulfilled a main task to give for participants all the necessary theoretical information on project and all the specific details of the project cycle. Also it was important to create a conditions for the practical skills on project management.

Altogether 20-25 persons, who work with the projects (representatives of all our partner-organizations) have attained these trainings. The program have had an objective to theoretical preparation and practical work how to resolve all the problems in the process of the project cycle.

During these trainings and seminars a great attention has been paid on ethics and moral dimensions of the social service in its daily activities. Hence, all the assistance and support should be done for the needy in Ukraine according to the main principles of the Christian mercy and charity. That is why so important to keep a rules of the mutually useful cooperation for church related, governmental and nongovernmental institutions for the sake of the common goals. IT was also necessary to recognize a serious need of new and new knowledge as a base for the professional work in the social sphere.

Participants of all the trainings have received a manuals with all the instructions, which was worked out by the School of the social work of NU KMA together with the Eastern European office of WCC.

Organizing of the conferences, seminars and round tables on the popular social problems.

Department of charity has organized such an activities:

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