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Since the middle 1990-th Ukrainian Orthodox Church has overcame the main negative effects of the clerical division and its daily life has been coming back to the active social help to all the people in need.

Now this activity has an systematic and coordination character under the guidance of the

Before it has been established, a great scope of the organizational, educational and methodic work on the base of the partnership, which has been established by the representatives of the Church, state and nongovernmental organizations in Ukraine and abroad as well. This work contains:

  1. Partake in the international conferences and seminars, devoted to the social service of the Church:
  2. Partake in the training-courses on the organization and implementation of the church related social project:
  3. International meetings together with the representatives of the international charitable organizations and partners church organizations of Ukraine who conduct the social service projects:
  4. Preparation and implementation of the scope of social projects and creating the conditions for the fruitful work on support the needy:
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